We are communications strategist that supported by group of people that have extensive work in Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Journalism, and Digital Marketing


How Can We Help You

Manage Your Company Reputation

The reputation of your company should be sustained in every communications channels

Track Press Activity

What people saying about your company in the media will always play a vital role int the overall performance of your brand. Keeping your fingers on the pulse of popular media outlets will allow you to modify your approaches proactively and keep your company's name in the spotlight

Product Launching

Launching product in digital age can be difficult sometime. But with the right strategy combining Public Relations, and Digital Marketing we could help to make your product shine

Monitor Your Campaigns

With every campaign using digital ad, we will have report so that we know how effective is the campaign and how can we improve it to be better

Why Should you work with us?


We listen carefully of what is the client's goal with with understanding its business and communication objectives


Research, research, and research. We do research of how can we achieve the client's objective


With the right strategy, communications trough various channel could be the most effective way

execute to shine

We strive to deliver the best results to make our client's shine

Monitoring & sustained

We monitor, evaluate and sustained the client's reputation


Our Service in Digital Marketing

Our Service in Public Relations

Our team

Andy M Saladin

Andy has more than 16 years experience in communications industry. Started his career in Freeport Indonesia and then moved to various industry and responsible for their communications team. 

He was also the company spokesperson for Lion Air Group and one of his strength is handling crisis communcations 



Tina Meilyana

Tina has over 9 years of experience as a communications and marketing professional; working with major industry players in their activation, event planning, brand management and customers engagement.

She had been exposed to multiple businesses, including but not limited to aviation and financial services, handling both private and state-owned clients. 

Her experiences enrich her with invaluable marketing insights that help organisations meet their goals.


Taufan Teguh Akbari, Ph.D

Taufan founded youth organization and foundation called Rumah Milennials and Initiated Hari Komunitas Nasional in 2013. 

He is also Founder of Webinar Indo. Furthermore, he is a main officer in Indonesian Digital Startup Foundation, Indonesia Digital Marketing Association, Indonesian Forum and Published a book entitled “Proud and Rise”.

With enthusiasm in the fields, he was recently awarded by Linkedln Spotlight 2019 where it celebrates the most viewed, etc. In June 2020, his profile was covered in ‘Sosok Kompas’ a figure feature by Kompas Cetak.

Elisabeth Fransisca

More than 6 years experience in Public Relations, both in agency an in corporate. 

During her career in PR Agency, she was in charge managing clients form various industry, such as lifestyle and beauty industry, startup companies and tech companies. 

Sisca have a very wide knowledge and high skill in developing PR Strategy in order to meet client objective.

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